mikkoWe can’t escape information’s incessant deluge. Which is to say, we can’t evade our information industry’s constant yap. Which is saying we can’t dodge what’s become a Niagara of ridiculous propaganda, hogwash, and reasoning so warped if it walked on two legs and dangled a dick we’d call it Lee Harvey Dahmer Hitler.

…Or would if we were retarded and gibbering any more than we are already.

That occurred to me Monday when I rode up an elevator and was treated to “The Today Show’s” wrap on Mickey Rooney. The star’s death, along with Shirley Temple’s earlier this year, leaves Olivia de Havilland as the last great star of the Hollywood’s ‘golden ’30s”. (On off-chance anyone’s keeping count.)  In that decade, Rooney was voted number one male star by movie fans three years in a row – or something. Whatever. His show-biz career lasted more than 80 years, and included marriage to Ava Gardner and affair (according to him) with frequent MGM co-star and gay eidolon, Judy Garland.

But “Today” couldn’t leave it at that, and co-host Savannah Guthrie couldn’t keep her upper-lip-challenged mouth shut. For swift-kick wind-up to a so-so account of Rooney’s life and times, NBC’s morning landmark tagged Rooney with what passes for today’s ultimate infamy: RAAAAACISM. Seems in its cinema version, Rooney played a character Truman Capote originally called ‘the Jap’ in his mild blockbuster “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. In 1961, Rooney’s rather broad lampoon raised not one brow over eyes sloped or level, but decades later, gas-bag Asian ‘anti-racists’ castigated him for such a ‘no tickee, no shirtee’ portrayal. Asians joined Jews jumping in African-Americans’ whine press over racial outrages great and small, real and phony. Neither Jews nor Asians suffered anywhere near as much as de po’ black man – Jews not at all. But perceived slights and imaginary wounds soon amounted to usual tally of threadbare, tiresome resentments, even though only those particular demographics recognize them.

Why not nail him for appearing in blackface 70 years ago? Oh, sure – back in Rooney’s prime, blackface wasn’t a sin at all; minstrel acts had a long, storied history in American show biz, and went away when times and tastes changed. But these days – lawdy sakes, Miz Scahlett! There’s no ban on ex post facto persecutions of super-crime like racism. (Oh… And, sorry, fags: Your vagina-by-proxy Garland smeared the charcoal herself. Where be de rainbow, now, doll?)

Rooney’s offense was so slight as not to matter compared to his long, tumultuous run as low-end anthropometric celebrity. I guess Steven Colbert’s recent slide into Asian animus makes the issue topical to the half-dozen or so clowns who think this shit important. (The tempest in a teapot, so to speak, apparently has a weak brew. Self-important ‘movement’ to cancel Colbert’s show has been scooped by reports he’s lead candidate to helm now-hostless “The Late Show”. Keep tryin’,  coolies.) But even still, did this tiny, unimportant charge against Rooney warrant attempt – however lame – by a major TV network to make chop suey of his memory? …In his OBIT, for fuck’s sake?! Talk about a zero dim sum game!

Of course it wasn’t necessary. However, I don’t think that’s the point. We’re not looking at Rooney’s actual… uh… offense. The real reason for this gobspit eulogy?

Rooney was white and (yikes!) gentile.

Up to now, unless he’d lynched a Jap after Pearl Harbor, a honky could kick the bucket and never be linked to crime so apparently foul. (Apparently because we see only isolated active cases of what’s supposed to be universal American character flaw. ) But it’s different these days. Maybe it has something to do with… multiculturalism. Are whiteys to be constantly brought down a peg or two, just to put us in our place. Maybe it’s late-arriving justice? Whenever American ‘racism’ is cataloged, its hardware, its actual incidents, are always in the distant past, and we are to pretend that justice can be served long after real villain and victim are dust. In more honest quarters, this usually is called revenge – as far from justice as my affinities are from the Ukraine.

But this isn’t it the reason for our collective assignment as John and Jane Racist Bastard, esq. We know that as much as we know we can never publicly say so if we have anything of value to lose. …For it will be forfeit should we mouth heresy.

No… The real reason is order. A new order. An order not so kind and gentle as it is uncontestable and unyielding.

In the brave, not-so-new world our elites are planning, we’ll all be taken down to drainpipe-level social nourishment. Our era of diminished expectation will become age of negative expectation: Everything that can happen will happen as long as its grim, dirty and underpaid. The tussle over extending unemployment insurance benefits gives best clue. It’s become cliche among our capital lords that these benefits discourage the unemployed from looking for work. This is  umbrella version of Mitt Romney’s veiled reference to churlish peasants puttin’ the hate on him and his fatcat colleagues. This is how they see us – envious, lazy, no-counts who’d spend our day eating Dairy Queen cream right out the tub, watching “Real Housewives of Atlanta” on tee vee, while our dirty kids rape their teachers and sniff glue. It’s the Right’s vision of President Obama and his liberal cronies’ dismissal of us stupid holy-rollers clinging to fairy-tale gods and too-real guns.

Welcome to the Days of Hierarchical Contempt.

It’s easy to reduce even further the livelihoods of such squalid pig farmers. And reduce they must. Behind the “too lazy to look for work” idea is project to put Americans to work as 12-hour-a-day warehouse and janitorial technicians, earning pay low enough to stave off that horrible inflation that so diminishes fortunes of The Quality Folk. That’s really why white gentiles are given such savaging in our media and elsewhere – everywhere, really, in the public square. We are to become the new wetbacks, if not replacing illegal immigrants and paroled gang-bangers at the burger grill, then joining them in uneasy comradeship of despair. That many white Americans always have been at this subsistence-tier is lost on our detached classes; they wouldn’t give a shit even if they knew.

So enmity between groups must be nurtured and frequently inflamed. Lately, white gentiles haven’t been cooperative enough  to commit really horrible racist horrors, so… they’re accumulated from a thousand throwaways and piffles. A bit of graffiti here, an n-word there – and suggestion is cobbled together of sustained, incurable HonkiHate.

Several days ago, in Detroit, a mob of black youths almost beat to death a white man whose car had struck an African American child in deep ghetto. (Unsurprisingly, the outraged attackers also managed to lift the unfortunate driver’s wallet.) Spontaneous act? Sure. Justified in the moment? Not unless you support lynching. Understandable, given our deep racial divide? Bullshit. This violence is result of relentless “awareness raising” about white iniquity present and (as we noted, almost always) past. Nonwhites are goaded to violent fury by media owned by our morally titanic elites, constantly agitating them with racist imagery largely imaginary. (Here’s an unintentionally hilarious and VERY revealing Atlantic piece about how the film “12 Years a Slave” tells the truth by fabricating events that never happened in Solomon Northrup’s book, itself abolitionist propaganda of its own day. Never underestimate capacity of an intellectual Jew-boy for switching out insight for calculated preposterousness.)

People divided by hatred of each other are easily conquered, without and within. Maybe one day soon, we’ll be living our own, only too-truel slavery journals.