eybIn case anyone gives a fresh, sticky shit, Congress has rubber-stamped and sent on to the White House yet another international trade bill that is super-secret, apparently obliges us to open the floodgates on immigration even more than we have, and can never be changed or rescinded – on pain of banishment from polite international company and maybe even World War III with the Chinese Navy.

Didn’t notice? Our sucking-pig media sure has. It’s too enthralled with seeming confirmation of its corrupt, ugly “narrative” of Bad Whitey chasing Noble Coloreds through the brambles down to Gulf of Mexico. There have been many false alarms – stories hyped that seemed to prove us the racist beasts we truly are (anti-racists read minds and tell us what we think, so endless is their power):  That white blond-beast frat boys rape at will (damningly, and quite surprisingly, on broken glass), that white vigilante cops whimsically gun down black gentle giants, and that before Marxist, painfully homely Jewesses liberated them, Amercan women were slaves to marriage and Mixmasters. All that bullshit was revealed as such eventually, not that media took any note of it, or apologized for leading us down long, tortured garden paths of the self-hating soul before their frauds were exposed.

But one terrible night in Charleston, SC, last week changed all that. Media finally has its rampaging racist, its oppressor of the Good and Righteous. It matters little that, ordinarily, black people are more imperiled by lightning strikes and winning Super Lotto (the poor tax – and it IS a danger) than by violent white bigots. What matters to media is that this could be fuse to touch off the race war for which it so yearns.

Rushing to fill vacuums inside empty heads of America’s (and the West’s at large) useful idiots is none other than ex-basketballer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. (I’d like to give him his chops: Dropping enormous athletic eyeglasses since his player days has made the former Lew Alcindor look a LOT less like Jiminy Cricket.) Kareem creamed media – in his media-central Time Magazine column, no less – for denying the Charleston church shooting last week had anything to do with race. Casting about, I don’t see that much MSM coverage taking such a counterintuitive tack. But there’s a real trend to blame media for not making enough of racism in this country – which is EXACTLY what American and all Western media does to the point of vetting racist incidents where there are none. Where are you, Tawana Brawley?

Evidently, there’s never enough R-word coverage in this country. There are never enough teachable moments to make sure whites stay bubbling in their own guilt.

Of course, the lugubriously corrupt Southern Poverty Law Center chimes in with the charge that hate crimes in this country are undercounted. And this from a shitty outfit that cites one HateWatch outrage as a child slapped by another child. Stop the presses. Not exactly marauding stormtroopers. On this I agree, but not in the way SPLC inflates all its “hate crimes” in number and severity. Here’s a disgusting little helping of black-on-white crime in which no hate crime charges were filed. ‘Course, then again, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder – easily the worst and most incompetent twit ever to hold the office – already has declared that hate crime protection isn’t for white people.

One of the reasons why MSM is so outraged at any mention of black-on-white crime is the dirty little secret that blacks attack and kill whites much more often than the reverse. This little landmine is never mentioned – in fact, I’ve just committed horrible racist violence just mentioning it. From VDARE:

Lynn Langton of the Bureau of Justice Statistics was trying to explain away statistics we have been reporting: That of the 520,000 black/white interracial crimes of violence attempted and committed in 2008, blacks committed 83 percent–429,000–of them. And given that the bureau lumps most Hispanics in with whites, it meant that a black (blacks were 12.9 percent of the population) was 29.4 times more likely to commit violence against a “white” (79.8 percent of the population) than the other way around. This is too much truth for Americans to handle, so Miss Langton provided the official government slant. “A similar percentage of whites experienced violence from blacks as blacks experienced from whites,” she explained. That sure makes it sound as though whites attack blacks about as often as blacks attack whites, doesn’t it? Black-on-white crime must not be a problem after all. What Miss Langton said is actually true: In 2008, there were 2,788,600 violent acts against whites, and blacks committed 15.4 percent of them. There were 570,550 violent acts against blacks, and whites committed 15.9 percent of them…

It’s becoming more and more noticeable that the Department of Justice lumps Hispanics in with whites when toting white-on-black crimes, but breaks out Hispanics into their own “victim” category. So… When Mexican gangbangers try an ethnic cleansing of black residents here in L.A. disputed districts, that’s “white hate crime”.

Paige Stalker might be alive today had she learned about Routine Activity Theory. But she is dead and two of her friends are critically wounded, the latest poster children for R.A.T.:  White people in black neighborhoods should expect to be the victims of racial violence. Paige was one of five teenagers from an upscale neighborhood in nearby Grosse Point who were on their way to the movies three days before Christmas when they decided to pull over and smoke marijuana in Detroit.While they were getting a high, a black man with a high-powered rifle approached their car and fired 30 rounds into it, killing Paige. …While Paige and her friends were not aware of R.A.T., more and more teachers from around the country are required to teach its counterpart, Critical Race Theory: White racism is everywhere. White racism is permanent. White racism explains everything. [WND Commentary]

 Routine activity… Right.

- June 29, 2015, 13:07 PST

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In one of the cheeriest developments in the past few decades (at least), I’m detecting my enemies are driving themselves into stupidity quarantine. That’s when pure dumb becomes so obvious, even their allies and useful idiots get the picture – and reject them.

kljbuiklhbuklThis impression has been growing over the course of media narrative-failure stretching back to 2006 and the Duke lacrosse rape fraud, continuing through last fall’s University of Virginia rape fraud (we know American Pravda likes to pick on Southern schools, to be sure), including all the phony “racist vigilante” hoaxes and their hilarious componets – gentle giants! hands up, don’t shoot! Ah cain’t breeve! And all the rest of the loathsome chimp shit.

“Racism” – however it’s ludicrously defined today – once was the most powerful weapon in progressive silos. Now it’s so overused and cheap the term is utterly meaningless except to intimidate the few fools, mostly white, who genuinely believe the nonsense. “Racism” defined went from discriminating on basis of race, to inequality on those terms, to white supremacy, and, finally, “white privilege”. Like pornography, everyone is sure white privilege exists, but couldn’t describe it with a gun to their heads. And like pornography, if one’s standards are deliberately set too high for attainment, it can mean anything. …Anything white, that is.

However, one thing “anti-racists” rarely make stick are accusations of violence or even overt discrimination spurred by this disease of whiteness they’ve made such a to-do over. So they turn today to historical gasbagging about horrible events and outright fables from the deep by-and-by. And, of course, they’ve made an obsession of honky Devil Thought – particular genocidal ideas that racism is hysterically exaggerated and diversity sucks.

But that’s losing its bite. Americans are inured to the strawman arguments, the lies, and even the most potent of our enemies’ weapons: ridicule. Now in comments on some hack advocacy for swamping the country with Third World defectives, commenters deflate all the pompous preening with ridicule of their own. Their insights – most embarrassing for our information industry – are more insightful than anything in the post to which they respond.

And this has been noted in the ‘other camp’. More and more sputtering is occurring over comments; anyone who disagrees with a paragraph or two that hatefully points out facts instead of Lefty malarky is termed ‘troll’. And nothing today is worse than a troll. Here’s one I left on a Media Matters throwaway headlined, Ann Coulter’s ‘Adios, America’ Is Just A Series Of Recycled Nativist Talking Points:

You’ve pointed. You’ve sputtered. You’ve tried to debunk Coulter by tying her to people you find nefarious. But you never refuted her or any of the points these nativist monsters make in your pullquotes. Since you cited it, try countering this one: ‘Why is it never mentioned in immigration debates that women’s rights are endangered by the demographic mix now entering the country?’ Remember… As per genius lights of the Left, these vibrant newcomers are not to be assimilated. They’ll keep their wondrous, seventh-century mud-hut cultures right here on American soil, and maybe someday vote away rights the rest of us share. You want a changed country? You better be prepared to live in one.

My worm can opener sure works, from the trolls social justice warriors I attracted. These idiots actually think women in Western countries are chained naked in kitchens by white religious fanatics, that po’ dark folk are dangling from every American streetlight. Their burning hatred of white gentile “kulaks” is so intense, their sense of reality has been replaced by failed pseudo-religion, delusion, and fantasies of mass murder for “justice”.

Why won’t those honky goys cooperate?

Christians are always anti-Semitic bad guys, although they never persecute Jews anymore. Muslims are noble Vibrants, except when they kill Jews. Gotta keep that straight, or, dammit, our Reigning Narrative will be proven harebrained. …Again.

The Dutch government postponed indefinitely the release of a survey suggesting that anti-Semitism is more prevalent among Muslim youths than Christian ones… De Telegraaf (news) reviewed a copy of the synopsis, which said that 12 percent of Muslim respondents expressed a “not positive” view of Dutch Jews compared with 2 percent among Christian respondents. Asked by De Telegraaf why the report has not been released, a ministry spokesman said that the ministry needs “clarification, for example, on how to explain some results.” The ministry declined to elaborate, De Telegraaf reported.

Asked about Jews in Israel, 40 percent of Muslim respondents expressed a “not positive” view compared with 6 percent among Christians, 10 percent among members of other faiths and 8 percent among atheists. Among Muslim respondents, Zionists came out as least liked, with 66 percent expressing a “not positive” view compared with 6 percent among Christians. Muslims of Turkish descent expressed more negative views of Jews than their Moroccan peers. The same applied to males compared with females, the report said. On the State of Israel, 62 percent of Muslims and 13 percent of Christians expressed negative feelings. Among members of other faiths and atheists, 19 and 22 percent, respectively, said they did not have a positive view of the Jewish state. [Jewish Telegraphic Agency]

Surely questions can be refashioned to get better, more anti-white results!

Try not to Duggar your own graves, folks!

I’ve always assumed it has something to do with her being adopted, but my daughter’s always been partial to sitcoms with huge families. Very few cartoons, mostly laugh-track half-hours, and each specifically built around a DeMille cast in suburbia. I can read back detailed plotlines from just about any episode of “Full House” you mention. “Brady Bunch”? On kazoo, I whip through its theme backwards and in another key.

So I thank God she never discovered the Duggars, with their giant brood and now an emerging scandal that comes very close to legitimating some really ugly stereotypes about big-boned hillbillies who just can’t stop fucking.

Let’s be honest. Like all reality shows, this is 100 percent freak. We slumwatch. That’s the closest ‘slum’ can come to active verb these days, when patronization of anything is one of an expanding docket of social crimes. Watching a pack of extremely common folk fit reality to their own, occasionally praiseworthy, sometimes loathsome quirks makes us feel at least a little better off in comparison. That’s always the chief draw: No matter how and how often you find yourself fucked, at least you don’t wake up in a colony of gophers named Duggar.

When America watches this tribe, it’s really watching Ma and Pa Kettle.

Now, this whole mess. I practically feel sorry for them sitting there, trying to compose themselves, trying to remember all the words and how to present them, willing away Satan’s whispers about gallon tubs of Dreyers Slow-Churned Mint Chocolate Chip. ‘Practically feel sorry’ because I think they knew of all this a little earlier than now. Like… years. But who knows? Maybe that shellshocked look at their last interview was just the jolt of being named social beast of the week. That’s bound to unscrew any head.

Here’s some feedback that’s… bracing. Read comments following this Salon story. “Never forget: these offenders also undress women with their eyes! And their victims can’t see it’s no less a rape to mentally undress their sleeping sister’s top coat than forcible penetration and murder.” On risk of committing civic abomination, I think there’s a little gulf between thinking and acting, but apparently not for some of our political Victorians.

And it’s a ‘litter’. Really?

- June 17, 2015, 7:08 PST


  • http://caprizchka.wordpress.com Caprizchka

    Friendly chocolate bear at play: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=db5_1418177214


    Your June 29th column mentioned Lynn Langton of the Bureau of Justice Statistics and her stating that “A similar percentage of whites experienced violence from blacks as blacks experienced from whites,” as though that fact established parity between black and white behavior. It does just the opposite, of course. If there are six times as many whites as blacks, then “similar percentages” of each would include six times as many whites as blacks. That would mean black-on-white attacks were six times as frequent as white-on-black. Does this woman not even realize what she has conceded?

  • http://sanfernandocurt.com/ SanFernandoCurt

    Most will read her comment and assume the violence is about the same.
    That’s how our inconvenient truths are bent and muddied by double talk.