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uncasWe’d better be set for federally enforced multicultural bullshit as cover story for brazen import of cheap labor, as if we haven’t been living that reality for decades. With President Obama’s speech tonight, expected to detail his administrative swerve around (supposed) Congressional aversion to “comprehensive immigration reform,” this will be a milestone in holy struggle to dilute the country’s horrendous WASP heritage with vibrant though often mindlessly violent “cultures” from places where democracy is a joke and individual rights the punchline.

We’re told constantly that “multiculturalism” will solve all our nation’s ills, the same way we were told a decade ago that democracy would break out like cootie rash all over the Mideast once we invaded Iraq. Nobody really believed that then, nobody believes anything the media-government axis says about immigration now. But, like that ugly, stupid war, it’s out of our hands; despite clear evidence Americans of all stripes are fed up with our swiss-cheese border, the President alone will decide immigration’s process and open the spigot. …Democracy be damned.

Actually, some of the most powerful people in this country – read: filthy rich – are pushing “amnesty” for border jumpers here. Their numbers vary from 11.5 to 20 million, overwhelmingly from Mexico and points south. Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, the Kochs, Mark Zuckerberg – human rights champions every one, if only in their bathroom mirrors – have pretty much bought off official Washington to make this happen. It’s sold as a human-rights issue: For some never-explained reason, we have moral duty to be catch-all for the world’s jetsam. In reality, these masses comprise low-cost labor that will make these plutocrats even richer, while dimming prospects for working-class Americans. It’s inescapable fact that cheap labor will diminish wages across the board, since there always will be some new arrival willing to underbid for a job, stymie unionization, and set up a new, likely ethnic, hierarchy in American factories and stores. It’s the worst possible prospect for native-born working-class, who evidently no longer matter.

Our shitty, deficient, soulless modern “culture” already is being primed for Hispanicization. For years, television netorks have been shifting more and more plots and casts to Spanish-speakers. Up to now, this has not been very successful. CBS had to junk televising the “Latin Grammies” because no one watched. Shows that became Hispanic-heavy didn’t sell. George Lopez was an exception; this season’s “Cristela” is a ratings mediocrity seemingly bound to follow the downward trend. “Latino-themed” movies are even less alluring to American audiences.

But in Hollywood and the rest of our media centers, this constant pandering to Hispanic audiences seems willfullness and wishful thinking in action. Our information industry seems to expect and hanker for a replacement culture to take place of traditional WASPs, whom we’re constantly told are beyond evil at worst, old and musty at least. And, of course, hideously white. Much of this sources from traditional Jewish enmity for native populations; virtually all our media moguls blow the shofar. As Golda Meir said, wherever a Jew puts his foot is Israel, and Israel doesn’t cope well with outsiders. That’s one thing we know very well – just ask a Palestinian. With influence like that trickling down, this “project” is guaranteed long shelf life. Added to sourness is strong, almost pathological Jewish envy of WASPs and their vanishing culture. What’s that? You’ve been told it’s the other way around? Ah! That explains why so many WASPs have their faces surgically diced to look more Semitic. And, of course, wheverever we go, The Chosen seem to follow; must be one of the convenants with which their defining fairy tale saddles them.

It’s notable that these oligarchs don’t support multiculturalism or open borders for Israel – the geographic one (for the time being). They know that would destroy the character of the Jewish state. America, however, is fair game to be turned upside down whenever whims of our betters strike.

Oddly, though, broadcast networks are opting out of coverage tonight. Obama’s speech will be telecast by the cable news channels and Spanish-language Univision (naturally). Could it be the others feel its now unimportant as issue – a fait accompli, perhaps? Or are they skittish about seeming to celebrate even by inference of participation a move that will surely grate on balance of the nation? On the street, immigration free-flow is viewed with growing rancor by African Americans, usually Obama loyalists; it’s their jobs, after all, that will be affected, as well.

And, shockingly, there’s growing trepidation amongst even our derelict media on immigration. The New York Times and Washington Post yesterday issued editorials tquestioning wisdom and even legality of Obama’s executive amnesty.

(Obama) is contemplating executive action not really aimed at one group or another but intended “to make the system work better,” as he said in his post-election news conference. He acknowledges that Congress should and could do this job, but he is tired of waiting.

Three years ago, when advocacy groups pressed him to take such a step, Mr. Obama demurred. “Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting,” he said. “Not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how — that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written.” Mr. Obama may find a constitutional way to rewrite the nation’s immigration laws. But in his frustration with democracy, he is likely to prove his point: Unilateralism will not make the system work.

Imagine reading that pre-Nov. 4. …In WaPo.

- Nov. 20, 1:38pm PST

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Siege mentality

Detail from Faith Ringgold's Die: American people series #20'

Detail from Faith Ringgold’s Die: American people series #20′

The media is waiting with bated breath to see if all their effort, all their loving embroidery and exaggeration, has given birth to riots in every fucking city in this country. If not race war, at least they can get a few buildings burned and, hopefully, people killed – all to mark Ferguson, MO, as symbolic human-rights abattoir of the world.

There, sometime this week or next (or whenever prosecutors run out of demerits to pile on the grand jury for some kinda indictment) Officer Darren Wilson either will be criminally charged for shooting down in cold blood Gentle Giant Michael Brown last August, or it will be determined that Wilson acted according to proper procedure after Brown smashed his face, tried to grab his gun, then charged him like a raging bull.

CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, all the networks, and the rest of this sentient pond scum have so pined for evidence this country’s racial divide is gaping wide as ever. Lacking martyrs no more convincing than the thug thief gunned down for trying to disarm a cop (and do who knows what after that), media can flood us with expensively produced Agony Porn, like the juiced-up, exaggerated, and hysterically overrated “12 Years a Slave”. So our media centers in New York and L.A. are covered in case there’s no indictment (as expected) and… nothing happens (unexpected).

Nevertheless, Ferguson is a godsend. We can go back to normal, to default mode of unending grudge, unyielding provocation. And we can look forward to endless accounts of how foul and brutal are… WASPs, really. Through it all, we’ll be urged to pretend we believe colored folk are really peaceful sojourners every one, who could become physicists and rocket scientists if not for this racist nation of millions holdin’ ‘em back.

President Obama, to underwrite feeble evidence of his negritude, stupidly got involved in this sordid sideshow. Evidently he’s decided his long lame-duck season as the new Congress arrays against him will be spent transforming into Jomo Kenyatta, letting slip dogs of his own inner black nationalist.

Many of the the high-profile protesters met with President Obama and discussed the matter November 5, including Reverend Al Sharpton. It was a meeting the Gateway Pundit notes was not included on the president’s daily schedule. Sharpton told the Times that Obama urged the group to ‘stay on course.’

‘[Mr. Obama] was concerned about Ferguson staying on course in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating. He said he hopes that we’re doing all we can to keep peace.’ A crowd of a couple hundred demonstrators, angry about the fatal August shooting took to the streets of St. Louis on Sunday, briefly blocking a major intersection in protest. [Mail Online]

Anytime we have a jackleg hack speak for the President, we’re in trouble. But a couple of things pop up here. The meeting wasn’t on his calendar – hmmm. Did the mighty Mo freedom fighters sneak in the backdoor ’cause Obama is getting antsy about his now-tight connection with this nonsense? And what about that ‘stay the course’ bullshit. Keep the peace or stay in the street no matter what flies – be it bullshit or real bullets? His AG Eric Holder’s visit to the instant holy ground last summer looked a lot like an SNCC harangue fest circa 1965.

A couple of hundred protesters showing up doesn’t exactly look like world-class news story. But, then again, Ferguson never really was that. It’s pure media circus, designed to amp resentment and entitlement presumption among blacks, guilt and empathetic hand-wringing among whites.

But it’s not selling.

If whites were that guilty, uber-Liberal Oregon would have showered border jumpers with drivers licenses if not free Oprah cars two weeks ago. Instead, the ridiculous proposition that would hand illegal aliens our highways was defeated so soundly, so overwhelmingly, it’s become shorthand for what conservatives hope is rising tide that will lift all yankee boats beyond reach of vibrant, spicy foreigners who’ve never heard the words ‘citizenship’, ‘legal’, or ‘stop’.

Poll after poll shows the much-referenced ‘racial divide’ at play in opinions whether the shooting was justified. Most whites think it was – and that’s not changing. But the most interesting poll was just weeks after this international sensation occurred – when St. Louis County residents told pollsters they believed the media worsened the Ferguson upheaval.

The vast majority of St. Louis County residents are giving the media low marks for their reporting on racial strife in Ferguson, Missouri. Seventy-three percent of those surveyed say the press made things “worse” in the wake of the police shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown, according to a new poll by the Kansas City-based Remington Research Group. Eighteen percent said the media had made things better and the remainder had no opinion.

That’s pretty amazing, since a whole lotta that Missouri county – wherein Ferguson languishes – is African American domain. We’re more used to splits along racial lines for shit like the Bill Cosby rape case avalanche.

…Just blame it on the white girls.

- Nov. 19, 11:55am PST