Bait / switch

qerhnqFrom experience with the bitches over the past several tiresome, dogmatic decades, we know that any brainstorm for progressives – which means now ‘from the oligarchy’ – will mirror them, and so be self-serving, profit-based, and so hypocritical they’re temped to step into ‘up’ elevators when headed downstairs.

Wrong floor? Racism! (Or, more frequently with our fresh, extremely hostile elites – anti-Semitism.)

Of course, Section 8 these days is used heavily to move poor people away from opportunity. The powers that be in Chicago didn’t tear down the Cabrini Green housing project near the Magnificent Mile and put up a fly fishing store for Chicagoans with second homes in Aspen because the poor black residents would have more economic opportunity with their Section 8 vouchers in Urbana or Round Lake Beach. No, they sent them packing because powerful people in Chicago found them a nuisance.

Similarly, the NYT reports today that American-born blacks are down to 30% of the residents of central Harlem just north of Central Park. You know, it’s not like there’s more opportunity in some small town in Pennsylvania than there is in Manhattan … [VDARE]


Now, why in the world are media elites in Washington and New York so worked up over this kind of petty enforcement in inner ring suburbs in the middle of flyover country aimed at assimilating slum blacks? There are a lot of reasons, but one shouldn’t totally discount self-interest, no matter how much it’s buried under layers of sanctimonious rationalizations.

In recent decades, the two gentrifying media capitals have been successfully driving out American-born blacks. They’ve been prodding African-Americans to leave with things like stop and frisk in NYC. White people in New York and Washington thus want to grease the skids under African-Americans to make it as easy as possible for them to leave valuable urban land and head for dumpy suburbs like Ferguson. These kind of ticky-tacky citations that suburbs use to keep from turning into slums might discourage some urban blacks from moving out of gentrifiable inner city, so they must be demonized in the national press. [Unz Review]

 Our elites like to preach cozy muliticulturalism, but in their aeries – New York and Israel, most prominently – those rules simply don’t apply. The Anti-Defamation League’s homily “diversity is our strength” becomes 180-degree dispensation in the Levant. The ADL is VERY concerned with anti-Semitism overseas, constantly barking that its perennially “on the rise”. It has decried our “inhumane” treatment of poor immigrants. But this finger-knitting is no concern, however, when Israel rounds up and deports its Africans as matter of course.

But then again, double standards comprise the beating heart of hypocrisy, usually accompanied by high-minded, sanctimonious gas-bagging.

This aversion to nonwhite, chronically low-rent urbanites was pioneered in New York with Robert Moses, and San Francisco under Justin Herman, whose oddly determined monument (why him?) on that city’s Embarcadero features an “art” fountain so ugly, U2 felt obliged to vandalize it at a lunchtime rave downtown. Contrivers in ‘urban renewal’ (which one displaced Western Addition dweller renamed ‘negro removal’) Moses and Herman inspired city planners across the country; these tailored beavers began in the ’50s sprucing up dingy patches of their cityscapes. Add yuppies 30 years ago, up to Millennial fast-trackers, hipsters, and other assorted urban pioneers today, and you’ve got a sizable contingent that wants properties freed up for development. Bulldozed, as it were. Supreme Court expansion of emminent domain motives to include private enterprise has merely speeded up the process.

Now inner-city poor are given Section 8 vouchers to move out of city limits to outlying suburbs – none of them exclusive neighborhoods, of course. If you wonder why once white, working-class towns like Ferguson, MO, went from 20 percent black population to 67 percent in less than 20 years, stop wondering. When inevitable white-flight occurs (gangs tag along with the rest of the ghetto refugees) investors buy up swatches of land to attract voucherholders. (Transplanted Crips and Bloods move in next door. Would you stick around? Add a hulking urban angel and you’ve got a Ferguson-style eyes-on-the-prize moment waiting to happen.

Of course, those investors are well-dressed moneychangers in New York, Chicago, L.A and even San Francisco. Elites and their would-be courtiers nestile in brand-new lofts and shop in clean malls paved over what once was ugly tenement dreck.

Their media, their ‘news industry’, their entertainment leviathan, make sure someone else is blamed. In this case, it’s those suburban whites whose bedroom communities they help ruin. (You can take the thug out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the thug.) ‘White flight” was bantied about in the Ferguson carnival as if it’s mass murder of crippled toddlers. Evidently, most ugly racism in this country infects wage-earners or NBA owners with wolves at the door hungry for teams of their own.

Who knows, maybe paranoid, loony professor Joe Feagin – for whom the Big Bang 14 billion years ago was tinged with racism – will get his wish of mandatory living arrangements forcing whites to live in integrated neighborhoods. Serves them right, since according to media, we’re the tumor, not the patient. Our betters perch smugly in their ‘sanctuary cities’ that are sanctuaries only for hypocrisy. At least Rudolf Giuliani had the stuff to admit they’re sanctuaries only for the affluent – and mostly white.

All that’s needed is another moral panic – even if it falls apart like ‘Jena Six’ or the Duke soccer-player rape hoax. Those blew up in the face of the media that had prattled them, and were quietly forgotten. As Chicago’s eminent mover and shaker, so to speak, Mayor Rahm Emanuel notes in crisis is opportunity – even if the crisis is phony.

Feminists are gaining traction from concocted ‘war on women’ and ‘campus rape epidemic’ to churn support for the Campus Accountability and Safety Act. That little piece of oppression would add layers of accountability paperwork, more unnessary staff, and an ominous authority in what should be dominion of police. It will be expensive – surely to be passed on to students with increased tuition. All for a fabricated ‘crisis’ that’s nothing more than a snipe hunt.

And one other thing: We know more commissars will be hired to instill self-hatred in white students. Can’t condemn the privilege without condemning yourself, honkies.

CASA regulates how universities must approach sexual assault, including producing an annual survey of students’ experiences, which will be published online. The penalties for non-compliance are massive: an initial penalty of up to 1 percent of the institution’s operating budget and a potential $150,000 fine for each additional violation or misrepresentation — $150,000 per month if surveys are not completed to the standard required. Bader observed, “that [initial offense] would be a whopping $42 million for Harvard alone, since its budget is $4.2 billion.”

Even worse, “a provision … lets the money be kept by the agency imposing the fine, the Education Department’s (DOE) Office for Civil Rights (OCR).” This creates a huge incentive for OCR to be aggressively punitive or to accuse innocent universities of misrepresentation or substandard compliance. Even an inability to comply would not exempt institutions from fines.

Of coursel, media is pressing this one, too. It’s all part of cultural Marxist Narrative. And we can expect legislative reponse to Ferguson’s ‘agony’.

The Narrative – there was a time when media felt it could tell us any outlandish fairy tale and we’d be coerced by its unilateral front to accept fraud as truth. That media doesn’t realize how much the Internet has melted away that province of validity is testament to its detached cluelessness about the audience it contines to high-handedly abuse.