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bangAs if there aren’t enough reasons to despise our media, it’s now cost me a whole $5. That was the wager I had with another I-net wag that media’s latest ‘racist shoots saintly black boy’ Narrative would stagger on another month or so before collapsing.

We now are as expectant of such eventual Hindenburging as we are of media’s Narrative application itself. Every time a protected social species gets his ass shot off for being a fucking dickhead felon, our information industry rises up on its hind legs and howls for the race war it apparently wants so badly. And every time, that Narrative will collapse in a heap, dropping to back pages and then out (of sight and, hopefully, mind) within a short time of truth hitting an.

…After some death throes, of course.

Just as expected, media has begun feeble retrenching – latter-day equivalent of stobbornly maintaining, in face of all contrary evidence, that CIA agents chummed with assassination-era Dallas hobos. Despite all details leaked out upholding police officer Darren Wilson’s account of his shooting of Gentle Giant Michael Brown in li’l ol’ Ferguson, Mo., this summer, media now nitpicks over the officer failing to show up for an unconnected drug-case hearing this week… Or Amnesty International’s bandwagon report ‘condemning’ human-rights violations committed by the town’s tin badges. When not counting the days the hours, the seconds until the stupid hack leaves office, we’re subjected to our Attorney General’s condemnation of leaked grand jury findings – including testimony from black witnesses backing Officer Wilson’s account. That’s expected, since the “disturbing and highly troubling” releases reduce to farce his stance as Magic Negro Savior of ‘His People’.

And we get tales of some kind of silly ‘solidarity’ or shit that kinda/sorta came together in Ferguson, apparently despite all logic and even basic human intelligence. One of the pathologists who stated autopsy reports ‘were consistent’ with the officer’s story now backpedals (microscopically) that her reaction depends on our definition of ‘consistent’; she lives in San Francisco and must be under extreme pressure from her pals among extravagantly, affluently activist hypocrites in that Potemkin Village of a genuine American city.

And we get sheer hilarity.

“Now, the obvious thing for me to do here is to go all Shep Smith on you and shame the media for hyping and prejudging this case—for prematurely reporting on rumor and innuendo and helping stoke unrest. And that would be a valid, if pointless, thing for me to do.” [Daily Beast]

Pointless? Really.

It’s not like this is the first time media has led a lynch mob. Remember the Duke lacrosse case? Trayvon Martin shooting? Did George Zimmerman or his actions really look like a hateful redneck’s racist depredation? Roll back to the Satanic Ritual Abuse witch hunt of the ’80s – would such incredibly destructive fairy tales have had ANY traction without endorsement of mainstream media? Let’s not even get into the Iraq war-for-fucking-nothing. The Beast and its analog dead-tree sister, Newsweek, were ALL on board wi’ dat. Who within our information industry wasn’t?

If Western media says ‘up’ – it’s down. If the press tell us ‘yes’ – it’s no. If it maintains that a somewhat dodgy gentle giant was brutally gunned down by a rabid cop – count on evidence to laugh the case out of court.

That’s why anyone with even half a brain shouldn’t believe a thing media puts out.

But… It’s pointless to try to regain credibility – that essential of journalism?

Maybe Lewis is right. It’s pointless because it’s too late. Credibility is like virginity – lose it once and it’s gone forever.

And American media busted its cherry loooong ago.

~ 0 ~

Everyone’s favorite fat-crook governor got up on his high-horse and bitch-slapped a convenietly Aryan-looking protestor at some Garden State whistle stop this week, perhaps putting gas in the Chris Christie for President bandwagon. That heavy-laden parade float seemed totaled amid incessant harping over ‘Bridgegate’ and this or that scandal affecting the very popular New Jersey guv, but this may pop him back into shape like a refilled Macy’s Thanksgiving balloon.

Media tossed us this bone a few days ago, holding off its dire judgment until we lemmings evinced some sentiment one way or another. Now coverage of his ‘tirade’ seems mostly positive. ‘Boostery’, even. So I guess the suckers are winning.

 “I’m glad you had your day to show off, but we’re the ones who are here to actually do the work,” Christie said (to the protester) from behind an official podium placed in a Belmar, N.J., intersection. “So turn around, get your 15 minutes of fame and then maybe take your jacket off, roll up your sleeves and maybe do something for the people of this state.”[ABC News]

We’ll see if this sells with voters. Surely, Christie’s home state will coddle his cudgels. Remember: The heckling took place at a Hurricane Sandy anniversary fete. That’s like concern-trolling Rudy Giuliani at a 9/11 memorial. Sandy has become a byword for sturdy resilience in face of natural calamity. We Californians learn and relearn that harsh regimen rarely with earthquakes, yearly with wildfires. Somehow, though I don’t remember Jon Stewart ridiculing the Atlantic Shore for piddly whining when compared to sacred black folk of New Orleans during Katrina. Stewart did take a Big Easy shot at the Golden State, though, seven years ago. …Candy-assed little noo yawk fucker. Odd lionization, too, since New Orleans’ catastrophe depended almost as much on incompetence of African-American city administration as it did winds most foul

Voters are so sick of smoothy politicos, it’s bracing to see one actually haul off occasionally. After all, this isn’t a cowardly Congressman lording it over a park ranger for a shutdown he helped set up. Also, Christie is East Coast Establishment’s fair-haired favorite for the GOP nomination in two years, so any bump in the polls and we can get ready to be told, then retold how fashionably ballsy it is for politicos to go postal once in awhile.

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 As evidence of just how Stalinist national speech codes can be, an Englishman spent months this year sweating jail for asking an airport check-in guard the wroooog question.

Paul Griffith, 75, ran afoul of one of these Orwellian (hate speech) laws when he was asked to remove his shoes for a security scan at Stansted airport on April 1 while on his way to a week’s vacation in Malaga, British news outlets reported. “I am not Muslim,  am I?” Griffith quipped. Unbelievably, that was enough to offend a security guard, causing him to call the police and accuse Griffith of using racist language. “One minute I am queuing up to get on a plane and the next I am confronted by two armed policemen” he told the Daily Mail. “They said I had used racist language and took me to an office in the terminal.”

Authorities allowed Griffith to go on his trip but arrested him on his return amid charges of “racially or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress.”When I got back I had to wait six hours before they interviewed me again, arrested me and said that I was being charged with causing racially aggravated harassment.” Griffith said. “I was photographed, had my fingerprints taken and they also took a DNA swab from my mouth. Then they said I would have to go to my local police station. Griffith was told he could accept a plea but he refused, insisting that he had done nothing wrong. The case was scheduled for last Thursday but with 24 hours to go the charges were suddenly dropped. [BizPac Review]

I’d love to know how “I am not Muslim,  am I?” could possibly be determined hate speech. And then string the guy along and drop charges 24 hours before court time. How chickenshit is that?

But the real question: How much longer can a people who put up with the Blitz, devaluation of the Pound, and Princess Margaret put up with this shit?

 ~ 0 ~

Finally, a little bit of personal business:

We have to face a damn fact: America is a ravenous vagina that’s sprung teeth and bitten off the dick of our future.

Something must be done. It’s time for people with grit to rise like yeasty dough to this dark occasion. I know there are some damn gritty and sometimes even nitty people reading this right now. People with sand. People with dirt under their fingernails.

People who’ve soiled themselves in damn outrage at what we’ve become.

It is in this wise that I have decided to announce I’m running for President as candidate of The Rent Is Too Damn High Party.

Now… To do so, I’ll need to be too damn high myself. All weed donations will be accepted gratefully.

 - Oct. 30, 2014, 1:27pm PST