Whither heathen?

bombit“Taliban Fear Backlash After School Attack in Pakistan”

PESHAWAR (Roiders) – Taliban members and those in the Afghan emigre community voiced concerns that the recent attack on a school here – an atrocity that left almost 150 children dead – will provoke vengeful ‘backlash’ by Pakistanis. Already, there have been reports of name-calling and at least one person had one of those oddball burlap feedbags snatched from his head.

Yeah. It’s fake. Keep this up, maybe I can work for Rolling Stone.

Only white-gentile majority nations are singled out for the ‘backlash’ scourge. This courtesy is extended especially to Muslims, since Islam comprises the most murderous religion among us. Our media drown us in ‘backlash-fear’ bullshit every time Muslims slaughter infidels in their own countries.

On Monday, even before two hostages were killed by a rapist wife-killer – and cleric – Australian media went batshit over much-anticipated, never-seen ‘backlash’ by godless honkies against this community of vibrants imported to the West regardless they have criminal and extremist records in their shitholes of origin. “Sheikh” Haron was given asylum by Down Under folk in 2001. He should have been dumped in a hole and never let out, but our idiotic, pathological altruism blinds us to everything but concocted claims of phantom Klansmen under every fat-ass Lay-Z-Boy.

There, and in Auburn, in Bankstown, in Liverpool, and in Greenacre, the situation is the same; Sydney’s Muslims are anxious. They’re shocked by the allegations levelled against one of their own. They’re bracing for a backlash against innocent families. And they’re worried wider Australia will convict all Muslims of guilt by association.

And they braced and they braced and they braced. They must be dead tired (if, indeed, neo-Scripture allows use of ‘dead’ in this context) from all that bracing. No… ‘Braced’ doesn’t mean they sat in palapable tension while an orthodontist wired a car grille all up in they mouth. No. They were braced for violent reaction from reactionary white Australians. ….To anti-terror raids in that country late last summer. In that round of bracing, no pogroms occurred. No legions of unforgivably white Aussies rampaged through any Down Under casbahs, yanking towels off heads and torching mosques. No one died. There were very, very few incidents of beatings – but unconfirmed. …So the ass-kicking could have been someone punched by a loanshark and spinning the shiner into fashionable sob story. Can you argue that never happens? Really?

There were horrid if speciously ‘violent’ outbursts, however – at same level of ferocity as those tormenting the ‘Muslim community’ this week. Here’s partial roundup of outrages that burned their neighborhoods to the ground since September:

“In one case, a Western Sydney mother and her baby were spat on and her pram [baby carriage] kicked. In another, a man in Perth tried to rip the scarf off a woman’s head. Several mosques around the country have been threatened, egged, vandalized and a pig’s head impaled on a cross.”

According to that tale of woe, Muslims Down Under “felt” the backlast. And… sure… they did some more now-routine bracing. In fact, Muslims in Australia contorted themselves with all sorts of outrage-prep, waiting for pitchforks and bonfires. In the end, they did everything but actually suffer anything that could be construed by anyone with even half a brain as “backlash”. (Actually, that pig’s head on a cross sounds more anti-Christian than anti-raghead.)

I’ve gassed on about this “backlash meme” in Western media more than once in recent months. Every time some fanatic pulls what Daniel Pipes calls “instant jihad syndrome”, we are soaked to the gills in moronic conjecture about a coming “backlash” that never comes. The real story isn’t about dead Westerners; the real danger here is white Christian depredation against much-coddled, oddly prized “Muslim communities”. That, I suppose, is to debunk any doubts we might have that replacement-level immigration from the Third World will save our satanic selves with vibrant, hot ‘n spicy multiculturalism.

…Not that Australia’s immersion into tender sensibilities and colorful customs of new arrivals has been free of broken eggs. But this violence doesn’t spring from the “right” demographic according to our sellout media, so we almost NEVER hear about it. Here’s something from the outlaw press – not serious enough to need fabrication or outright lies to cover any ideological tracks:

The sudden appearance of MBM (Muslim Brotherhood Movement), with its growing membership recruited predominantly from the city’s south-western suburbs, has alarmed senior police already battling to combat open warfare among outlaw motorbike gangs. Even hardened private security guards have expressed concern to police about the indiscriminate “punch and run” tactics of MBM members who, in the past two weeks, have arrived in large numbers at city nightclub venues and who walk the streets in intimidating mobs. But the objectives of MBM – its emblem features two crossed pistols and a hand grenade – and its leadership remain unclear to officers of both the Organised Crime and Gang Squad and Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad. [FrontPageMag]

How inopportune. We’re supposed to believe Muslims are angelic, progressive, generous, huggy-bears. …Not honky-hating Hell’s Angels. No wonder American Pravda ignores this news not fit to print. ‘Course, with the Internet, even we grimy little peasants can access what in days of yore passed for the truth. No WONDER there are so many calls to control “hate” in cyberspace, to censor the information superhighway. For our detached elites, “hate” is what we lowly call “fact”. (In this paragraph’s link, the referenced crime wave was at first ascribed to Lebanese “Christians” by our vicious, phony news prattlers.) One bright spot in this whole shitty process is that this Newsbusters story today topped Google search “muslim australia backlash”.

Before the hostage standoff with an Islamic gunman in Sydney had even ended on Monday, the media had already seized on a social media campaign that offered protection to Australian Muslims against imagined bigotry that had not occurred. On Good Morning America, co-host George Stephanopoulos touted: “The #IllRideWithYou trending worldwide on Twitter. It’s a message of tolerance from Sydney residents offering solidarity with Muslims in the cities. Locals concerned people in religious attire could be harassed.”… In the same 7 a.m. ET hour on CNN’s New Day, journalist Bobby Ghosh praised the effort as “a wonderful thing” and declared: “Australians are stepping up and saying, ‘If you’re a Muslim, if you want to wear religious clothing and you’re worried about going on public transport, I’ll ride with you’….It rejects the idea that Muslims cannot live in Australia or that Muslims should feel oppressed in Australia…”

Why would Muslims be afraid to ride public transportation or feel “oppressed” in Australia? Again, there were no incidents reported of any Muslim citizens being persecuted.

Good question. This “backlash” has been looong coming – and we’re still waiting. Here’s a weepy pile of crap from 2005 – crowding out updates on London’s horrendous transit bombings by fanatical… Baptists?

This outright spit-in-the-face slight to white victims in Monday’s Sydney savage hostage-taking is par for the course here in the West. It’s never interests of evil white people that are considered. It’s always care and feeding of “immigrants” – whether they be squatting in Western nations legally or not.

Our betters don’t want us to get any ideas we’re actually human, after all.

- Dec. 17, 2014, 13:06 PST