Afghan rug is pulled out from under us

You’ve gotta say this for Hamid Karzai: His tolerance level for murderous incompetence is as high as the nearby Himalayas.

But he’s finally had it. We’ve strafed, massacred and scorched his country enough, and like every other Afghan, he wants us out. But like hippie squatters thumbing their noses at uptight, establishment landlords, we’re flipping him off and sneering in his face that we’ll pack up our macrame, mangy dogs and fat earth mamas when we’re damn good and ready.

President Obama called Afghan President Hamid Karzai today to discuss Karzai’s demand that the United States speed up its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A White House readout says the two leaders “took the opportunity to reaffirm our shared commitment to the Lisbon framework, in which Afghan forces would complete the process of transition and have full responsibility for security across the country by the end of 2014.” Karzai and other officials – including some in the United States – have urged an accelerated pace after last week’s killings of 16 Afghan civilians. [USA Today]

Karzai is trying to hold onto his own legitimacy in the country, since his jurisdiction extends not much further than his office desk. Afghans despise him because he is our stooge puppet put in place to serve armed viceroys burning Korans and shooting up the place.

The massacre of all those civilians – mostly children – by a deranged American sergeant was icing on the cake after a decade of laying waste to the hardscrabble hellhole just this side of the middle of nowhere. Because it lies in a path traversing gateways to Asia, South Asia and China, Afghanistan has been fought over for centuries by world powers that should have known better.

We’re the latest to come – and likely not the last to announce we’re going.

USA/Gallup poll earlier this week show Americans are solidly behind… Karzai.

In the poll, 21% said the U.S. deployment should be maintained as long as it takes to accomplish its goals, and 24% supported Obama’s timetable to withdraw troops by 2014. Fifty percent endorsed speeding up the withdrawal plans.

That’s the highest “cut and run” sentiment has registered among Americans. Politicians would do well to listen. They won’t.

The military supports a longer engagement, of course. They keep saying, as did Gen. David Petraeus last year, that we’re very close to victory and just need a little more time. After battling since 2001, Americans believe that talk is on the verge of that “light at the end of the tunnel” bullshit American generals touted on the eve of the Vietnam War’s Tet Offensive in 1968; that turning point poisoned the war for virtually all the nation not brain dead.

The Pentagon will never accept the withdrawal date of 2014: it goes full-frontal against its own Full Spectrum Dominance doctrine, which counts on scores of US bases in Afghanistan to monitor/control/harass strategic competitors – Russia and China.

The way out will be a ruse. The Pentagon will transfer its special operations to the CIA; they will become “spies”, not “troops on the ground”. This will mean, essentially, an extension ad infinitum of the Phoenix Program in Vietnam, which carried out the targeted killing of over 20,000 “suspected” Vietcong supporters. [Al Jazeera]

This obstinacy adds sour suspicion to that mysterious Koran burning at a U.S. base in Afghanistan earlier this year. The astoundingly stupid stunt plunged the country into nonstop rioting that slowly was dissipating before the sergeant’s murderous rampage put passions back on the front burner. How the hell could an American military command “accidentally” burn Korans?

More and more this “crusade” in the Hindu Kush looks like a larger strategy to contain Iran, sitting uneasily between our conquered Iraq and Big Camp Infidel. Maybe we should ask Israel’s permission before we take a powder. Maybe that’s why it’s slow going – and we can be sure a residual force will be left behind like Iraq’s 50,000 Yankee dead-enders.

Al-qaeda has pulled out of Afghanistan; it’s nothing but a shadow force now, anyway. Our on-again, off-again talks with the Taliban are off again. The Obama Administration is actually debating whether to speed up the pullout, but it’s doubted that will happen.

Even normally gung-ho Geraldo Rivera is fed up:

Rivera called for the U.S. to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible. “I say we’ve done what we went there to do. We have killed Bin Laden; we have decimated Al Qaeda; we have accomplished our mission. Let’s declare victory. Bring these people home…don’t just let them be killed now by our own allies,” Rivera said…

“We’ve done what we went to do. They attacked us. We got the people who attacked us. Now let Afghanistan have Afghanistan. They will never evolve to being Americans,” Rivera pressed.

Nope they never will. But it seems Americans and Afghans finally see eye to eye on our presence there.



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