‘No’ nothings

kln;ionoin;mkikl;nm;iomSo someone posted a ‘wonder maxim’ on FaceBook from some gal named Jeannie Fulbright:

“If the purpose for learning is to score well on a test, we’ve lost sight of the real reason for learning.”

…Unless you’re a student negotiating today’s hysterically competitive scholastic sifting. Silly real-world prerequisite for clawing out even a barely adequate future shakes down either to cheating or cramming.

Fulbright is a religious-minded, home-school-advocating social sage. As such, she must have a million of these New Age wisecracks in her hip pocket. My favorite, however, for intellectually insulting sentiments not of the real world and dauntingly retarded: ‘War Isn’t Healthy for Children or Other Living Things.’ That sold a trillion posters in the sixties, and conveys genuine wisdom the way “Grand Theft Auto” video games teach respectful, generous approaches to women, especially when gunning down urban skank-whores. I touch a hot stove and I burn my finger. Eureka.

Easily, her white gentile resume qualifies Fulbright for full-on demonization by our Lefty-schmefty gatekeepers. She has a portion of the book and seminar trade that so confounds the Eastern Establishment – a reader niche somewhere between Readers Digest and the ‘left-behind’ Christian sadism books which earn platinum profits playing on readers’ yearnings for posthumous schedenfreude.

Good for her.

But because that means America’s would-be cultural engineers don’t understand her or her popularity, they want to smash it. Like all good Lefties – or superstitious mud-puddle civilizations squatting in frond huts, for that matter – anything whiffing of ‘other’ is to be attacked, and, if possible, reduced to ash, if not eaten. Lefties hate contradictory beliefs, creeds or cultures, since usually they contain better ideas and represent better processes than anything in dogeared Marxist manuals; nothing is easier than debunking cherished Lefty presumption.

Fulbright says that God created all of the animals in the oceans spontaneously. She also says that Carbon Dating is a hoax; we should ignore fossils because the earth is not billions of years old. The Bible infers that the world as we know it was spontaneously “created” over the course of seven days. The Bible is, at least, in my view, open to interpretation. But, Fulbright, and people like her, is potentially delusional, possibly ignorant – but, certainly a Christian.

That’s fair critique. I don’t think Middle Eastern fairy tales have any place in childrens education, either. A more typical attack on home schooling – and this focuses on ‘Left-based’ kitchen-table classrooms, no less – is from Slate’s Dana Goldstein. And you know if it’s Slate, it’s going to be fully conventional in its ‘goy conservatives are racist’ code. For Goldstein, home schooling is nothing less than violation of ‘progressive values’, which is to say, urban Jewish values.

Of course, no one wants to sacrifice his own child’s education in order to better serve someone else’s kid. But here’s the great thing about attending racially and socioeconomically integrated schools: It helps children become better grown-ups. Research by Columbia University sociologist Amy Stuart Wells found that adult graduates of integrated high schools shared a commitment to diversity, to understanding and bridging cultural differences, and to appreciating “the humanness of individuals across racial lines.”… As an education journalist, I’ve admired many public schools that use culturally relevant, high-standards curricula to engage even the most disadvantaged students. These schools are sustained by the talents of impossibly hard-working teachers who want to partner with parents and kids, not oppress them.

Goldstein also reveals to her less-than-fascinated readers that she “benefited from 13 years of public education in one of the most diverse and progressive school districts in the United States.” That would be Ossining, NY – 70 percent white, 17 black and 20 Hispanic, pretty much reflecting population average of the nation. Income, though, doesn’t; with per capita average at $65-plus large, it’s a bit tonier than America’s average $42,000. The black and brown populations could be islands of service workers and domestics in a sea of honky privilege. We can be fairly certain Ms. Goldstein didn’t grow up in a tarpaper shack, nor did she attend the worst schools in this cozy little New York City suburb nestling inside comparatively flush Westchester County. Although she notes her district was ‘diverse’, that doesn’t mean the school she attended necessarily was. Our most-diverse nearby school is Roy Rohmer Middle School across Victory; I helped move heaven and earth to get my daughter into another middle school next year, sinc RR frequently is closed due to violent gang activity by non-white, vibrantly diverse, and unfortuantely enrolled thugs.

Engaging in that favorite if totally fraudulent Lefty device of crytal-balling her perceived social foes, Goldstein extols public schools ‘sustained by the talents of impossibly hard-working teachers who want to partner with parents and kids, not oppress them’. And she knows home-schooled kids – apparently ALL of them – are oppressed how?

But let’s go to that first sentence in the pullquote above, since that’s the only valid point Goldstein makes, even though she still can’t quite bring herself to get the details right. Parents won’t sacrifice their own child’s education, period. Not for ANYTHING, Dana – even the doubtful sense of triumph living up to your delutional tenets. It’s not about refusing to ‘leg-up’ a poorer kid stranded on sheer cliffs of low-performing school. It’s about giving my child the best chances for a good and , yes, prosperous future. A good part of what passes for “white privilege” – that fabricated charge to extend guilt life of white/black interaction – is white refusal to sacrifice everything most precious to them to meet hypocritical standards of those who wouldn’t live by their own commandments if a gun was leveled at their heads.

And that last sentence is just laughable. Urban schools are ‘sustained’, if we dare call it that, by hefty percentages of teachers burnt-out, shiftless or untalented, yet still employed by virture of their impermeable union guarantees; these days, firing a teacher is as easy as digging a new Manhattan subway system.

Nor can we allow homeschoolers to believe their choice impacts only their own offspring… Low-income kids earn higher test scores when they attend school alongside middle-class kids, while the test scores of privileged children are impervious to the influence of less-privileged peers. So when college-educated parents pull their kids out of public schools, whether for private school or homeschooling, they make it harder for less-advantaged children to thrive.

Gee, Dana, I doubt there’s one homeschooling parent who gives a shit about other kids are affected. If you had a kid, you’d know: Other than junior, there aren’t any other considerations. Why should there be? A few years ago, a preening hipster parent tried to work me over for trying to get my kid in a better elementary school (successful, BTW). She was amid similar jack-off about helpin’ de po’ folk when I interjected, “So, where do your kids go to school?” As I expected, she blew up, yammering that it was none of my business, that the question ITSELF was an invasion of privacy (I sure wouldn’t have answered or felt a need to). Ready for all this, I cut her off again: “So they’re NOT going to a troubled inner-city school with grade-point average so low it could be a zinc mine – right?” She turned on her heel and walked off in a huff; faking anger rather than facing error or proof of egregious hypocrisy is favorite Lefty tactic, grown, like everything else about them, boringly familiar.

And look at the offhand, routine demonization: “privileged children” (i.e., white gentiles). What really makes it harder for “less-advantaged children to thrive” is paucity of their parents’ involvement in their schools. To make our daughter’s school effective, or do everything toward that all-but impossible goal, my companion and I are out hundreds of dollars a year we pay TO the district – a public school dependent on parents’ largesse! It’s our reponsibility, though.

But I’m under no obligation to spruce up education of kids whose parents won’t.

The mask is fully off with Goldstein’s observation that “government is the only institution with the power and scale to intervene in the massive undertaking of better educating American children.” No. Only government has power to coerce brainwashing sessions meant to socialize American kids to warped, phony history; teach them not one course untainted by political agenda; and dumb-down all instruction in every subject to achieve federal grade-level requirements. If they’re white, they must be trained to hate themselves; everyone else gets Resentment 101, imbuing them with a kind of grievance entitlement, a sense that because they’ve suffered imaginary slights from ‘privileged’ whites, they can (and do) lash back.

But surely the answer isn’t forcing kids together, as microcosm of forced integration Racism Super-Expert Joe Feagin would press on their parents. A recent study concludes white gentile discovery that they’re soon to be a minority in their own country induces the damn honkies to become more conservative. It includes this choice tidbit: “Analysis of voter-registration data for Louisiana parishes revealed that the larger the percentage of Blacks in a parish, the greater the percentage of Whites who were registered as Republicans and the lower the percentage of Whites who were registered as Democrats.”

Guess familiarity breeds contempt and racism. …Or is that redundant?

Who knew?