Race, run

racismroundupTurns out, Facebook IS a boon.

No, it’s not just a “Love Boat” microcosm – in which familiar faces from long ago pop up to embarrass themselves, here and now. It’s a kind of populist news media, a giant backyard fence, a grapevine of folk wisdom and on-site news unfiltered by idiotic ideology to which our mainstream press cleaves despite growing signs it’s for shit – even for info cobblers, themselves.

If it weren’t for the friend of a friend on the much-maligned social network and mind-fuck laboratory, I’d never know that crowds “protesting” yet another police shooting of yet another po’ black man in the St. Louis area this week were outnumbered 10-to-one by reporters. …And that’s reporters from the international press, remember.

That shooting had mass media backing away as hurriedly as they pounced on the earlier Ferguson shooting. That one took the life of some instant social saint – the ‘gentle giant’ whose name, thankfully, has faded from my memory. Even our media recognizes if there are too-many sacrifice circuses, everyone will tire of such antics. …Not just white people.

Chris King, a community leader and editor of the St. Louis American newspaper, said he spoke with Dotson and said the physical evidence seems to support the officer’s account of what happened at the scene. He credited Dotson with quickly disclosing details of the event. “The things that drove people crazy about Ferguson was Mike Brown laid on the ground for hours. There was no police report.”

That could have been because angry crowds had been pulled by gravity of resentment justified or not to the shooting scene. There have been reports that police came under fire as they tried to investigate the confused incident. And by the way – it’s procedure to leave a body untouched until initial CSI is performed.

But the Washington Post won’t mention any of that, since they helped propel ‘Ferguson’ into instant byword for police oppression, white privilege, and, of COURSE, racism. It doesn’t help that the St. Louis shooting was, in fact, a gunfight and the near-martyr had powder burns on his hand. For those minor transgressions, he fell short of media requirements for social canonization.

It’s absolutely imperative that media keeps racial animosity at smelting point, since it’s THE weapon to subvert and deny power to American white gentiles, still majority population in this ever-browning nation. Greatest peril is potential for white racist violence erupting, according to guiding narrative, even though, despite media’s best effort to turn strong-arm thugs into civil-rights monuments and Hispanics into fascist honkies, this is remote possibility right now. Whenever that rather key fact is pointed out, we get a litany of white-racist history – lynchings, slavery, Jim Crow – that also serves to keep this issue out of present reality. As long as it’s deeply mired in long-gone depredation both real and imagined, it’s irrelevant that Klansmen aren’t popping out of the woods like they should.

To deal with media’s presentation of contemporary racism, we must either live in the past, or accept existence of such patched-together ‘constructs’ as ‘white privilege’. If ever there was excuse to oppress any group with hostile legislation and relentless public condemnation, it’s this con job. Since no one can really track mechanism of this ‘privilege’ – no more than they can track potent growth mechanism of Jack’s bag of magic beans – it can be anything white people are or do. Take a breath? White privilege!

This process already is in play. If you’re cursed with a working-class background – and whiteness – try getting into an Ivy League university, regardless grades or SAT score. Now the best schools, or what was in days past ‘best’, measure applicants by ‘holistic’ approach. Who are they? What have they done outside classrooms? To what extent have they been able to triumph over ever-present honky privilege? Do grades really matter at all? Even to a heart surgeon?

That guarantees enrollments that are part neo-Affirmative Action, part nepotistic favor to economic elites now viciously hostile to ‘average’ white peasants. Graduates from cookie cutter schools are typical of this genius – neolibertarian Bryan Caplan:

I spent a lot of time conversing with conservative intellectuals this week.  What surprised me most was their moral relativism.  Sure, they spent a lot of time griping about left-wing relativism: The awful liberals refuse to admit the West is morally superior to Islamic and other non-Western cultures – or the United States is morally superior to Europe’s decadent social democracies.  But the conservatives were also quick to dismiss claims about Western and American moral failings… The conservatives could have objected that they’re looking at the big picture; in the broad scheme of things, Christian holy war, the Founders’ slave-holding, the Indians wars, and U.S. racism were no big deal.  But each of these moral lapses – even the Nordic racism – led to massive body counts.  It wasn’t like stealing a cookie.  The conservative could more plausibly point out that only a small fraction of Western and American resources were devoted to sheer wickedness.  But the same holds for most notorious criminals: Over 99% of the typical serial killer’s days are murder-free.

Right off the bat, we should realize that anyone who compares America – and American white people, let’s face it – to serial killers is not on our side.  Caplan’s straw men of conservatives who supposedly extol American exceptionalism, and therefore, what he calls ‘Nordic racism’ (whatever), are as urban-legend nonexistent as phantom white people who supposedly rub African American skin to see if the black oomes off. Issue isn’t about our superior civilization, it’s survival of our civilization. Caplan makes so much of the darkness in our history, and in that, he reflects perfectly mainstream media and academia – presenting Western history as nonstop horror and oppression. But as he points out, the other story – of our not infrequent bright spots – is as relentlessly ignored as monstrous savagery committed by Soviets in the first 25 years of their brief history. No other civilization has seen its downside so fetishized by its own ‘intellectual’ class. In reality, there is no Western ‘intellectual’ community – only an ideological one with Bryan Caplan a member cum laude. And this cult clings stubbornly to an ideological light that failed miserably.

A far more measure, and valid, summary is by one of Caplan’s commenters:

Conservatives are okay with a lack of morally perfect heroes, because “the fallibility of man” is a key doctrine. It is the liberals (and the libertarians) who are absolutists, who demand doctrinal purity. In this way, from the liberal perspective, the conservative appears to be morally relativistic, since he acknowledges that people are bad and can do good in spite of it. It is this ability to view our ancestors as human like us, instead of subhuman moral savages, that repulses liberals.

That ‘rub-off’ myth about white people and African Americans, and many more, like our compulsion to touch blacks’ hair are collected in a new movie opening today. After a big buildup all through the summer,”Dear White People” evidently has gone from the hottest thing around to a movie in search of an audience. New Republic (oooo) weighs in, begging honkies to come see how stupid they are. Think about talking-head interviews and skillfully unbelievable skits on TV, checking off heavy burdens black people must tote. But in 60 years of burning air on the planet, I’ve never been to a blackface party (never heard of any), never saw a white person rubbing Afrohide or tug on a black person’s hair – bursting with fascination. Never heard any honky say the classic, “Some of my best friends are black people.” This movie appears to be a roundup of black fantasies of what white people think about them. That says nothing to no one. But it may be good for a laugh or two when it ends up on free TV.

- 11:12am PDT, Oct. 17, 2014