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Yusuf: Such a quiet lad!

Here’s a tale of well-meaning stupidity in volatile combination with concerted effort to flood the West with some of the most hostile, homicidal enemies we possibly can find.

From National Public Radio:

SARAH YUSUF: (Through interpreter) Because he touched to my emotion, my son. He’d always say to me, mom, how are you? How are you doing? He never raised his voice on me. He respected me. He was a calm and quiet boy.

TEMPLE-RASTON: In other words, not someone who you would have predicted would consider joining ISIS. The question is now that Abdullahi Yusuf has crossed that line, can he be brought back? The program being developed for him now may end up becoming America’s first de-radicalization program, something to turn to when countering violent extremism efforts fall short.”

Despite how passionately our useful idiots believe immigration is a moral issue, that we’re bound by mechanisms of right and wrong to be squatorium of the world, we must remember that profound insight is consequence-free at the moment. Our sanctimonious class are threatened economically or physically by the alien tide. …Yet. Antidotes to moral preening are pain and cost; it’s always fascinating to see how quickly deep commitment to altruistic shortsightedness disappears when unforeseen repercussions blow up in our face.

Abdullahi Yusuf is an 18-year-old Somali who came to America when he was little – only to be arrested a year ago trying to fly to some mudville and join those fun-loving head-choppers, ISIS. Now he’s primed for rehabililtation in a program specifically designed to de-radicalize Muslim immigrants who come here and decide they want to spill some infidel blood. If successful, as likely as me winning Best Actress of the Year next March, he’ll be exemplar of this magical turnaround. After that, the dumb idea surely will be hyper-funded and expanded to all communities cursed… Oh!… I mean, enriched with such vibrant populations of seething foreigners.

Somalis are particularly fertile seed pods for radical Islam. The country is base for al-Shabaab, yet another pack of ragheads who want to spit nonbelievers on a kebab. Despite all that, the U.S. brings in 800 Somalis a month. Some of these undoubtedly are already extremist, some are jihadis-in-waiting. Do you remember voting to approve that?

We can flip Yusuf into The All-American Boy. He’ll put down the plastic explosives and AK-47. He’ll forget his commitment to his monster god once he realizes he can coach volleyball.

Or maybe not.

A Somali-American teenager whose case was a test for efforts to deradicalize Islamist extremists has been sent back to prison after apparently violating an agreement that put him in a “halfway house,” federal officials said on Wednesday. A federal judge agreed not to send Yusuf to prison before his trial and instead installed him in a monitored location known as a halfway house where he went on a program to integrate him back into the community. But the same judge, Michael Davis, ordered Yusuf to prison a few days ago. “The judge has sent him back into the custody of the Marshals Service,” said Ben Petok, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Minnesota. He did not say why the decision was taken. A court official said there had been an “issue” at the halfway house in apparent violation of Yusuf’s conditions for staying there but did not elaborate.

Don’t bother telling us. We know why he’s back in the slammer: His devotion to sacred bloodletting turned out to be a teensy bit stronger than his allegiance to hustling midnight basketball for wayward youth.

Why all the effort and finger-knitting over this youthful fanatic? Why is he our responsibility? Here’s what our grandparents would have done, and not thought the least about it: Deport this miserable fucker and his miserable fucking family right back to Shitholia. We’re under no obligation to accept this idiotic risk.

Oh, we can reform him! This is blithering of the same caliber as “we can end war”, “we can change the world”, “we can end hate.” Want to institute an utterly destructive process that undermines and corrodes any host society and people? Dress up any suicide pill as effort to better the world and all living things upon it. Sure! Welcome all murderous assholes who hate our fucking guts! We’ll go hand-in-hand to the happy rainbow paradise on big rock-candy mountain. What drivel. What ugly, destructive bullshit.

The question isn’t whether we can or can’t reform this piece of shit. The question is why should we try? HE’S NOT OUR FUCKING PROBLEM!

The comment from his mom that “he was a calm and quiet boy” is what’s always said, in some variation, after some calm, quiet maniac busts some mass-murder up our ass.


At least we won’t have Jeb to kick around long

So… Jeb Bush is so down with immigration legal and illegal, he’s practically Hispanic himself. That alone will sink his run for the presidency. Balance of the country just isn’t has down with the flood of new vibrants pouring into the U.S. as are our betters. But this will turn his effort into 2016’s Mike Gravel Joke Candidacy.

In his clearest declaration yet on his feelings about his brother’s invasion of Iraq, the former Florida governor said Thursday that “knowing what we know now, …I would not have engaged… I would not have gone into Iraq,” he said. The comments marked the fifth time this week that Bush sought to explain his position on Iraq — a controversy that began Monday with a muddied expression of support for the war. Bush later tried to clean up the mess by calling the query — one many believe he should have anticipated — a “hypothetical,” and by Wednesday, he acknowledged he would have done things differently in Iraq. On Thursday, Bush argued that the invasion — though perhaps inspired by faulty intelligence — had been beneficial, saying the world was “significantly safer” without Saddam Hussein in power. [CNN]

Good god, fool, how out of touch are you? Since we found Iraq under Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction or links to al Qaeda 12 FUCKING YEARS AGO, we now know Saddam was a threat to the world the way a Donner Party cookbook is on every bestseller list.

Jeb. Let me give you some advice. If you don’t want a family squabble to erupt over Bush holiday tables, or have the world realize you’re a jibbering idiot, leave Iraq out of the in-basket.

And, jeepity-deepers! Flip-flopping almost a half-dozen times on ANY issue isn’t a big voter draw.

Now you know. Retard.

- May 15, 2015, 1147 PST

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Crisis a’la mode

[oi9ho[iljiojNever go rogue anywhere near a Dunkin Donuts – or any donut shop for that matter.

You’ll be up to your ass in cops before you can say “unlawful detention”.

A hammer wielding jackass who’s been braining people near Times Square forgot that universal maxim – if he ever knew it. He was shot by police this morning.

Rich Docherty, a freelance photographer from Jersey City, said he was walking north on Eighth Avenue when he noticed two officers — a man and a woman — chasing a man on West 37th Street. “My sense was they were going full steam,” he said. “It was a full-blown pursuit.” The male officer opened fire, from a distance of about 10 feet, Mr. Docherty estimated. He heard four shots. The shooting occurred in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts. A photograph of the scene showed the female officer clutching the back of her head; police officials said she had been injured, possibly from a hammer blow or from a fall to the ground. [New York Times]

 Yeah, chief. Do your bashing around Chock Full o’ Nuts, instead.

But, wait. WAIT! This Thor was African American. …Shot down by white cops in broad daylight on the streets of Manhattan. …A po’ put-upon black man whose only crime was mistaking honky noggins for eight-penny nails. Other than the 10-pound tool he swung, THE MAN WAS UNARMED! (Lawd, lawd!)

We can bet that every one of this asshole’s victims were white or mistaken for white. Lucky he didn’t kill anyone before cops dropped him.

But this tale of circumspect woe was trending in top-stories section of Google News this morning. I’m goin’ way out here on a limb and posit media thought, at least at first, this Ju-jube could be teased into yet another telling, challenging, yet in the end quite lyrical soliloquy on our dire racial animus. Media likes nothing better than seeming confirmation of its narrative – that corrupt filter though which reality is processed for our consumption. We’re presented with worldview conforming strictly to a that of a Communist youth camp hootenanny, circa 1955. And, of course, it has absolutely nothing to do with reality. Mr. Mallet might be our next martyr to whitey’s iniquity.

This guy was defiling Times Square, though. So it’s doubtful even media Jews want him blown up into Gentle Giant of the Week.

Media has been baiting us with one crisis after another. College rape orgies have been savaged if not expunged from serious consideration by the Rolling Stone’s fraud at the University of Virginia. But there’s still a war on women. Remember? And there’s racist opposition to Dreamers and Other Fortysomethings jumping the border to become newly galvanized Americans. …Or just bringing their shitholes and bell-curve promise to fresh soil.

But nothing trumps our cold race war for potential upheaval. Media wants this smoldering campfire aerated into catastrophic forest fire. In crisis, there is opportunity – a point we never tire of making. All sorts of wondrous things can happen when our commons is disordered, its processes disrupted. Hate speech bans. Martial law!!! That would be wondrous – perhaps a few enemies of the people could be hastily shot before dust settles. How about brief suspension of all those silly rights contained in our small-town, obsolete Constitution? All our midget Khans would love to bulldoze that bourgeoisie trifle.

Even low-lying torment does the job – like Baltimore cops so intimidated by yet another media riot that they avoid details like… enforcing the law. Worse is better, according to Lenin. People eventually will tire of the ordeal and rise up in revolt, which then will be co-opted by Marxists; they’re always the ones mysteriously flush with cash on such occasions.

That’s been the Left’s great legacy to black America for the past 50 years – doing everything it can to make things worse for blacks. What’s that? It crusades for justice on behalf of African Americans? Pull your head out of your ass.

Drug culture. Violent revolt going nowhere. Welfare dependency. And a long-lasting con game holding that everything black people do to improve their lot will be upended by racist white (gentiles). Nothing has so blunted any efforts at self-improvement and cultural viability. The black community already had been weakened to invalid status by the time gangsta rap came along to lionize every short-sighted, self-destructive tendency in urban pathology. If the sewer is heroic, skew to the sewer. …And perish.

That’s fruit of half a century of progressive dominance in our racial transaction. Every conclusion its made has been debunked, every program withered in failure. What’s left? Now we have the answer: When nothing else works, throw another riot.

Those of us old enough to remember the first round of city burnings in the mid-’60s no longer find these antics impressive. This time around, they’re nothing but disgusting.

But… fuck it. Our hostile elite see this disruption as possible entree to assume total power, at least acquire more than it has – which is more than anyone’s ever had in this country.

In the past half-century, cultural Marxism has become our civic religion; heretics are all-but burned alive. Its tenets are law – despite their ass-backwardness – and inflexible. You so much as voice a slight doubt that our college campuses aren’t a ’30s beer hall in Munich – and you’re on fast track to social oblivion.

While we’re on that subject, the past 50 years have been very, very good to African Americans’ Most Dependable Pals. Jewish groups – notably through Jewish-launched National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – have always glommed onto black travails as a way of advancing cultural Marxism. From 1965 ’til now, we’re told there’s been little improvement for blacks languishing in poverty and rage constantly provoked and intensified by our cultural gatekeepers in media, government and academia. All those programs, all that $15 in taxpayer money blown – for nothing.

On the other hand, Jews are now premier ethnic group in the nation in terms of viability, visibility, wealth and power. They outdistanced WASPs long ago.

Two groups together. One flourished. The other rotted. In ecological terms, that’s called a parasitic relationship.

In human terms, it would be obvious that African Americans have the wrong “friends”.

- May 13, 2015, 1400 PST